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Balloons Over the Rio Grande - Albuquerque NM

"Black Sky Waltz"

"Heart of the Balloon"
"Red Giant" Helium Balloon
"Unearthly Morning"

"Property Inspection"

"Mass Ascension" - Albuquerque NM
"Smaug" The Dragon

"Passing Penguin"

"Dinosaur Over Calgary" "Rocky Mountain High" "Lift-off at St-Jean"

The Skydome - Toronto: World Record for Most Inflated Balloons Inside a Covered Structure

"Ballooning Over Burgundy" Albuqurque Launch Field "In the Land of Oz"

"Floating in the summer air,
What is that for men to see?
Anywhere and everywhere...
Till we all begin to swear:
What the devil can it be?

 Floating in the summer sky
Like a model of the moon:-
How supreme to be so high
In a treacherous balloon,
Like the Kings of Destiny,
All the earth for their spittoon."

 Aleister Crowley - at age 15 - Tonbridge, Kent 1890