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Nungua - The Fantasy Coffins of Paa Joe

Chief  Wearing Ashanti Gold Rings Boys Fishing on Lake Volta

Drying Palm Nuts in Tarkwa Kintampo Falls - Brong Ahafo Tamale Round House

"Group Afrika" Musician with Gourd Instrument Ghana Dance Ensemble - Juggler

Elmina Castle and Slave Fort - circa 1482

Ashanti Warrior Paramount Chief Elderly Woman in Koforidua Market Fanti Queen Mother

Fetish Priestesses in Bonwire Fetish Funeral in Larteh

Palace of the WaNa - Wa - Northwestern Region

Fanti Chief Riding in Palanquin - Cape Coast Durbar Children in a Koforidua Schoolyard - Eastern Region

Painted House in Bolgatanga - Northeastern Region

The National Theatre in Accra Independence Arch

"If your parents take care of you 
         Until you cut your teeth, 
 Then you must take care of them 
          When they lose theirs."

 Akan Proverb