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When you're looking for that perfect photo that expresses an idea, a theme or a specific mood,
you don't always have the time or budget to hire a photographer to go out and get it. That's when
existing  photography - "stock" - can save the day. Photographers usually have speciality subjects
which they enjoy shooting the most, whether it's travel, underwater, people, technology, etc. They
place many of their images with professional agencies who in turn promote and sell the pictures
for them. Many photographers also simultaneously represent themselves. Here is a synopsis of
some of the material in my personal files.

I have extensive files on Mali, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Benin and some material
on Burkina Faso. This includes fauna and flora, portraits, landmarks, cultural
events, religious ceremonies, dance and costumes, historic sites, major cities,
beaches, major hotels, handicrafts, local industries and natural resources,
landscapes, transportation, etc. New countries are always being added as this
category continues to expand.
I have been to Egypt six times and have an enormous collection of images
related to Egyptian archeology including many interiors of tombs and temples.
Supplementing this are photos of all aspects of the tourism industry including
cruise ships, hotels, etc. from Cairo to Aswan and the Sinai. Elsewhere in
North Africa I have limited files on Morocco, Libya and Algeria.
Most of my wildlife photos are from Africa. They include monkeys, apes, cheetah,
waterfowl, hippo, giraffe, lion, antelope, hyena, snakes, elephant, buffalo, oryx,
gerenuk, warthog, gazelle, zebra, lizards, rhino, ostrich, jackel, songbirds, and
numerous other species. I also have parrots from Costa Rica and Africa plus
some insects, butterflies and other reptiles. My collection also contains some
North American mammals such as bison, elk and various birds.
There are over 50,000 balloon images in my library. They include traditional hot
air balloons, special shapes and gas balloons which use hydrogen or helium. I
have balloons at rallies, competitions and festivals plus night shots of "balloon
glows". I also have photos of historical re-enactments with replica balloons and
pilots dressed in period costume. International ballooning representing at least
60 different countries and people associated with balloon activities.
I have some photos of both summer and winter Olympic class sports events.
Supplementing this, is material on marathons, rodeo, auto racing, sailing,
cycling and a few unusual events such as log- rolling. Also many scenes of
aquatic activities -  lying on the beach, scuba diving, canoeing, golf, jogging,
camping, roller-blading, etc.
My files contain several thousand colorful shots of international fireworks displays
representing over 30 countries. Most images are aerial shots with an emphasis
on color and pattern. Reflections on water form another element of the collection.
Pattern shells, aerial bombs, rockets, strobes, and candles are all represented.
Ground displays include strobes, pinwheels, lancework and gerbs. Other photos
include technicians behind-the-scenes, setting up displays.
General scenes and people shots from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait
and North Africa. The Israel collection includes Haifa, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, the
Masada, Bethlehem, the Negev, Golan Galilee, and various rural views. In the Arab
countries, the focus is on the petroleum industry: supertankers, oil wells, refineries,
etc. I also have views of cities, harbors, mosques, bazaars and daily life.
My Europe travel files include Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Greece,
Holland, Switzerland, Austria and the British Isles. Typical travel views of castles,
festivals, hotels, people, tourists, cultural activities, museums, cathedrals, wine,
food, etc. I also have archeological sites in Italy, Great Britain and Greece. Many
night shots of famous landmarks and buildings in European capitals.
Images from coast to coast and from the Arctic to the US border. Scenic views
of all the provinces and major provincial cities which include popular winter and
summer destinations and a variety of festivals and events - maple sugar in Quebec,
Calgary Stampede, dinosaur bonebeds in Alberta, Ottawa Winterlude, Quebec
Winter Carnival, Banff and Jasper parks in the Rockies, Mounties, Native Peoples,
skiing, Edmonton Klondike Days, historical points, etc.
I have a diverse collection of images from the Caribbean Islands including Cuba,
Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada,and the Virgin Islands. Also material from
Florida, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica. This includes beaches, hotels,
palm trees, cruise ships, markets, flowers, birds, boats, sunsets and cultural events.
The Mexico material includes views of Mayan and Aztec ruins.
I have an eclectic collection of advanced technology images which includes radio
telescopes, commercial and military aircraft, some medical material, astronomy,
electron microscope, computer related imagery, communications antennae, the
Russian space program, and energy sources which include electricity & power
lines, solar power, wind turbines, steam, nuclear power, & hydroelectric dams.