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This page is devoted to some of the things that fascinate me.
As time goes on I will add more material.

Christopher P. Sloan of the National Geographic 
Society writes, "We can now say that birds are 
theropods just as confidently as we can say that 
humans are mammals."

The fossilized bones of Sinornithosuarus millenii 
reveal this ancient creature had feathers. Likely it 
fed on lizards and small mammals. It could leap, 
but not fly. However the boomerang-shaped wish 
bone (furcula) resembles that of the primitive bird 
Archaeopteryx. The vertabrae characteristics of 
the tail indicate it was a dromaeosaur, one of the 
most effective predators of its day. The fossil also 
supports the concept that early feathers evolved for 
insulation or display rather than flight, adding new 
weight to the idea that these dinosaurs were warm 

Model by Brian Cooley - Photo by O. Louis Mazzatenta


   Multiple universes grow like branches from a tree trunk in a 
   model that allows the universe to create itself - NGS Artwork
Where do we come from? This is the question 
man has been asking ever since he became 
self aware. Among the more popular theories 
for the origin of the universe is the "Big Bang"
Theory - that everything began with a single 
explosive event and that the universe is in a 
process of continual expansion. According to 
this theory, one day we will suffer the "Big Crunch"
when gravity causes it all to collapse again.

Instead of a single expanding universe, Stanford 
University physicist Andrei Linde suggests that 
chaotic inflation gives rise to multiple universes 
eternally producing new universes. With this 
theory, the origin is pushed to an infinite past.