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My foray into film-making began with post-production work
on feature films in Quebec during the early 70's. I then worked
in production on sports films: from curling and professional
hockey to football and auto racing. Interspersed with this were
occasional information films for government and private industry.
Audio-Visual was a popular medium; in those days it meant slide
shows, but by the end of the decade users were turning more and
more to video, which meant live action and a more portable
medium. In 1978 I joined a coalition of two other video producers:
Anthony Berube and Michael Rixon. Born on a napkin in a cafe,
Media Mercenaries was the brainchild of Tony Berube.
Professionally we are better known as Rixon, Burch & Berube.
 One of our principal clients is Bombardier
Aerospace, the world leader in the manufacture
of executive aircraft. Tony and Mike are seen at
right shooting the maiden flight of the newly
launched Global Express. Our videos include
credits for the entire line of Bombardier's jet
aircraft as well as the famous CL-215 & CL-415
water bomber aircraft used for fire-fighting.
Since 1985, we have been the exclusive video
producers for CAE Electronics Ltd. - a world leader
in the development of simulation technology for civil
and military applications. CAE full flight simulators
are used by airlines in over 40 countries. Maxvue
Image generation provides realistic interactive
visual environments for pilots and crews in real time
training scenarios. We produce videos for all types
of corporate communications, including training,
employee communications, marketing, trade shows,
public relations and archival. We have developed
unique formats for multiple-screen "Videowall"
displays and special interfaces for CD-ROM
information displays which are audience interactive.
Our aerospace clients also manufacture products
and systems for the military. Here I am working with
senior officers of the Royal Netherlands Navy during
filming of CAE's Operational Tactics Trainer - a
simulator for training in combat and engagement
exercises onboard the Orion patrol aircraft used by
the Dutch Navy in the North Atlantic. We have made
numerous videos about military products for both
CAE Electronics Ltd. and Bombardier. Other military
related video credits include productions for the
Canadian Department of National Defense.
Tourism films are also high on our list of priorities. In
1991 we produced several videos in France. Here are
Tony and Mike on location at the "Salon Aeronautique"
where we shot a video about the Paris Air Show. We
also produced a ballooning tribute to Malcolm Forbes
at his "Chateau Balleroy" in Normandy.
Another production was for the French "Arcade" Hotel
chain. An on-going project is a documentary about the
"Pere Lachaise Cemetery" - resting place of Oscar
Wilde, Edith Piaf, Sarah Bernhardt, Chopin and Jim
Morrison, among others. Our unique approach to Paris
has been unconventional, high-lighting little pockets of
the city that are off the beaten path.
Recently we have embarked upon an ambitious
project to produce a package of documentaries
about African countries. The series will be called
"Through African Eyes", and examines nine nations
in different regions, as viewed through the eyes of
African Americans. Dennis Hayes, an American
lawyer with the NAACP, accompanied our team to
Benin for the first of the series. This initial program
was a collaborative effort with the support of the
Tourism Ministry of Benin and the participation of
Air Afrique. In this photo, Tony is in Ghana filming
a voodoo priestess in trance.
Tony, our veteran cameraman and producer endured a
number of hardships including the "Temple of Serpents"
in Ouidah - Benin, the cradle of voodoo. We are currently
in the process of completing the first one-hour program
and plans are underway to shoot the next episode in Ghana
during September. Future episodes will take us to Senegal,
Nigeria, Mali, Cote d'Ivoire, Tanzania and Egypt.

We are a full service production unit committed to quality
productions from conception to completion. We maintain
our own broadcast quality video and audio equipment,
lighting, and comprehensive post-production facilities.